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gb&d is a great trade magazine that provides in-depth look at the interior and exterior features of some of the most provocative and aesthetically pleasing sustainable structures from around the globe. We are on it with an editoral article along with some great photos by Lara Swimmer, of the first completed Bellevue 41st home!
American Builder's Quarterly Feature - June 2011
"YS Development Educates Home Owners in Sophisticated Eco-Sensitive Policies. YS operates in a unique way by partnering with top-notch architects, designers, engineers, window makers, and insulation designers to develop homes from start to finish. The company made its mark in 2008, when its pioneering design of a sustainable home in Kirkland’s high-end downtown prompted city officials to rewrite zoning and land-use rules to accommodate ‘green’ standards for energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and leaving historic trees and other natural features intact."
YSD website featured in the THE BIG BOOK OF GREEN DESIGN - Nov 09
The Book explores the specific techniques & methods that graphic designers are employing worldwide to make their business a more earth-friendly one. The results are often surprising, innovative, and new, and the Book features the best of these earth-friendly designs. Mainly focusing on printed materials, and showcasing examples of trade show environments, repurposed designs, and the new “anti-packaging” trend, the book showcases over 450 examples of marketing and collateral materials produced using environmentally favorable methods.
Built Green Featured Case Study Dec-09
"Kirkland DUO is a modern, architectural beauty developed by YS Development. The 4-Star single-family home features partial green-roofs, drought-tolerant native landscaping, and dual-flush toilets to minimize site runoff and in-home water use. Built with a very tight envelope and a high-efficiency heating and hot water system, the home achieved certification by Northwest Energy Star Homes."
Nine Modern Homes in Taltree EcoVillage - Jetson Green March-10
Jetson Green is a daily updated site that's obsessed with green building, including sustainable architecture. "Taltree ecoVillage by YS Development located in Redmond, WA - not more than a bike ride from the company Bill Gates co-founded - it includes a collection of nine modern-green homes built to the highest green building and energy efficiency standards. Four of the nine homes are reserved already, and future homeowners will have the chance to work with YSD to finalize layout, configuration, and finish details for both the home and the ecoVillage."
Taltree ecoVillage Gets Underway - Green Dwelling Seattle posting Nov-09
The Taltree ecoVillage will offer three different floor plans ranging from 1600 to 2500 sf with price points from $550,000 to $825,000. The homes are currently being marketed as a pre-sale with a unique twist; the developer is seeking a “founders group” of sorts to contribute perspective and design priorities that will become part of the final design of the project. The founder, Yuval Sofer wants to bring an efficient development that truly fits the needs of its homebuyers and is pursuing this approach as a means of realizing the full potential of this community.
Developer tries cohousing in the suburbs - Sustainable Industries April-10
One developer may be finding success in a down economy by bringing the concept of cohousing to the suburbs. Taltree ecoVillage is planned to include nine homes built on a lot originally zoned for six. YS Developments is trying to pre-sell the homes to allow buyers to have a say in their design and that of the community. The homes are planned to meet a minimum of four star Built Green certification—which could mean a 40 percent to 50 percent reduction in energy use compared to code—though buyers could decide to go for five stars.
developer to try new housing approach - DJC May-10'
In Redmond, a new approach to developing houses is being tried in response to the recession. Taltree EcoVillage is part co-housing, part custom design and part speculative development, and it could change the way buyers think about space. Taltree buyers will reserve a house, and then work with the architect and developer to customize it to meet their needs for space and finishes. Homebuyers also will work together to make decisions about the whole project, similar to the way co-housing projects are created.
Built Green Incentive Recipients! May-09
Rose Hill community project (aka Taltree ecoVillage) has won the Built Green Incentive program/competition ! The incentive is awarded for new construction projects meet superior environmental standards, and is meant to encourage environmentally motivated companies to try enhanced green building techniques in their building projects.
Artist Jaq Chartier's featured at Kirkland DUO homes - Sep 09
Art by acclaimed artist Jaq Chartier is now featured in Kirkland DUO homes. Through experimentation, observation and notation Chartier creates sensuous paintings that provide commentary on both the visual culture and everyday practice of scientific investigation by highlighting similarities between artistic and scientific practice. Chartier''s work was recently featured in key contemporary exhibitions in Europe and US, and won multiple recognitions and awards, incl Special Recognition Award from the Seattle Art Museum.
YSD to speak at 10x10x10 EcoBuilding Guild event - Sep 09
10 projects X 10 minutes each X 10 slides each 6:30 pm Friday, September 25th Seattle Public Library Microsoft Auditorium. The 10x10x10, a high-energy introduction to ten cutting-edge sustainable building projects in and around Seattle. This annual green building "slam" features fast-paced presentations by the region's leading green builders and delicious food and drink.
YS Development to speak at the Fall Real-Estate Conference - Dec 09
YSD to speak at the Fall Real-Estate Conference, arranged by the Seattle Chapter of the Appraisal Institute, in a session about Residential Green Building Valuation. The Appraisal Institute is a global membership association of professional real estate appraisers, with nearly 24,000 members and 91 chapters worldwide. Green Building Valuation is a critical to the success and the support of sustainable development. Appraisers are a key link to enable investors and lender to currently asses the significant values and cost savings of green homes.
Pre-Holiday 'Art and Body' Open House in Kirkland, November 21 and 22
Join us for a special event featuring five local artists and their works, in the environment of modern-sustainable Kirkland DUO home. This is a unique opportunity to view or purchase jewelry and ceramic art while touring an innovative green-built home. We will also be featuring wellness ideas for whole-body health. Refreshments will be provided. Featured: Vineeta Agarwal, Linnie Kendrick, Satomi Pellerin, Iris Guy Sofer, Dr. Denel Andreas, and Anat Barak (CN)
Artist John Fleming featured at Kirkland DUO homes - Nov 09
My featured work represent a small portion of my larger Sign Language collection. Each piece is composed of multiple 2" squares cut from recycled traffic signs. The constructive process allows a scrambling and re-ordering of the original sign's message and purpose. The Eyes are self-portraits representing different stages in life: childhood, teenager, and adult. The Cubes and Five x Five’s are abstractions with many possible stories and interpretations. At their core is the “RE” story—Reclaim, Recycle, Reinterpret, Reexamine, and Restore.
NWREporter - May 09
Thumbs up for innovative housing in Redmond. Nine contemporary, cottage-style homes with a shared underground parking garage and community building may be built in Redmond's Grass Lawn neighborhood near Microsoft's main campus. The development, would be created under Redmond's Innovative Housing Demonstration program on a one-acre wooded site that is part of a recently annexed area. Builders plan to pursue Built Green™ 4-Star and Energy Star certification for the pedestrian-oriented project.
Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine - March 09
Onward and Upward. Find out how a growth in knowledge is driving the green building movement, and why builders and architects are more inclined to go green. "Yuval Sofer of YS Development began his own business with a sustainable and modern focus two years ago. He builds homes to have a timeless design, with the intent of avoiding wasteful remodels every few years. Another goal is energy conservation..."
Daily Journal of Commerce Feb-09 "Cottage housing near Microsoft..."
A nine-home development proposed for Redmond's Grass Lawn neighborhood has gotten initial approval from the city. YS Development wants to build nine homes and a community building on a one-acre site on 132nd Avenue Northeast. The site is part of an area recently annexed by the city and is about two miles from Microsoft. Johnston Architects is architect. The homes would range from 1,600 to 2,500 sf, and residents would share an underground parking garage. The project will target Built Green 4-Star and Energy Star certification.
Seattle Magazine - Best of Home 2009 Jan-09
Seattle Magazine BEST OF HOME 2009 - Our Area's Hottest Architects and Artisans. Engaging Design Make Older Homes Live Anew. Place and YS Development merged old with new in the remodel of a 1960's Ralph Anderson modern classic by incorporating up-to-minute elements, such as sustainably harvested and reclaimed materials and sleek high-end finishes, that improve efficiency and livability while complementing the existing aesthetics. Natural light and views of the densely forested site are a theme throughout.
Daily Journal of Commerce Oct-08
Suburban cities develop green building programs. The DUO Kirkland project by Yuval Sofer and YS Development is a two-house project that is shooting for four-star Built Green and Energy Star certification. It used the city of Kirkland’s expedited permitting option for green buildings.
Built Green Featured Case Study Dec-08
December 2008 Built Green's featured project is a speculative 4-Star home in Kirkland built by YS Development, LLC and designed by PLACE Architects. The home was a joint pilot program of the City of Kirkland and YS Development, to establish a new expedited permitting process for high-level green projects.
Harbinger on Luxury Home Mag Oct-2008
"Eco-Sensitive Modern Home in Bellevue" published on Oct-2008 issue of Luxury Home Mag
Kirkland Reporter Sep-08
"A LOCAL DEVELOPER SETS NEW STANDARDS IN ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY BUILDING AND INNOVATIVE CUSTOM DESIGN". DOU Kirkland on 5th Street is a fine example of a new wave of sustainable homes that are being built on Seattle’s Eastside, custom-designed by renowned architects and certified by Washington’s Built Green environmentally-friendly residential building program.