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We build homes using the latest in sustainable techniques and using high-quality design and materials that conserves energy and resources and promotes health. We cover about 500 aspects of design and construction to achieve that. Energy modeling and Passive Solar are integral part of the detailed design process. The custom design of YS Development, coupled with their low-maintenance materials and systems mean you’ll get a home that fits wonderfully your life style and aesthetics while saving time and money for more interesting pursuits than house maintenance and bill paying.

What do we mean by “green”?

Building green is responsible to the environment, responsible to our communities, and responsible to the health of the people who live and work in those buildings. YS Development residences are built to the standards of 5-Star BUILT GREEN® and ENERGY STAR HOME.

Built Green is an environmentally-friendly, non-profit, residential building program which is dedicated to promote environmentally friendly home building methods and practices, enforces us to build your house in the highest building standards. The main “green” features and building practices promoted in the Built Green program are: Energy Efficiency, Indoor Air quality, Conserving Natural Resources and Water Quality. So it saves you money, it is healthier and you help the environment.

What are the specific “green” features, why we wanted to build you a "green" house and why you should live in one?

1. Energy Conservation – Our homes are certified ENERGY STAR HOME, but actually exceeds it to provide above 50% energy efficiency. Your house will be at least twice as efficient as the standard house, it will consume less electricity, and less water while giving you the same capabilities and functions, and allows you to do less job of maintenance on your house. How did we do that? 2. Health - not just "green", but "healthy green": you and your family health and well being are probably your biggest concerns when you think of where and how you want to live. Materials and air quality are the two main factors on which we are tested and certified for. 3. Environment – we all hear that our world resources and natural habitat are in danger, and that we need to take bold actions to save the world as we know it, and we wanted to make our contribution to this fight, together with you.